Me & Kinda Keto

Not a fan of writing about me, but it might help to know the journey I’m on, and why I’m here.

I’ve been overweight ever since I stopped having such a physically demanding lifestyle, but carried on eating like I still mucked out and hefted hay bales all day. I’m also an emotional eater, and my favourite things to binge on are fatorific takeaways (burgers and pizza, with more cheese than I can dream of, to be specific). I now have a largely sedentary lifestyle because I work from home, which is both great and damning at the same time.

I started out 2021 at 121kg (that’s nearly 267lbs, or a little over 19 stone). Now, at only 5 feet and 3 inches, that’s really not where I want to be.

It’s now March 10th 2021, and approximately seven weeks since I started keto. Yeah, I’m a bit of a noob, too. See why I said don’t come here looking for hardcore keto?

Anyway, my current weight is 113.1kg (249lbs/17 stone 8). I haven’t exercised more, even though I should. I haven’t starved. I feel really good about myself. I have always failed to lose weight at every attempt, and I’ve tried everything from exercising like a fiend, through fasting, to counting every calorie in my Fitbit app.

My goal weight is 80kg, which is 19kg higher than the recommended weight for my height. It feels achievable, and I find achievable is half the battle.

So, I’ll be sharing with you things that have worked for me, and things that haven’t, and you’ll get to come along with me through all the ups and downs of my weight loss journey. I will include recipes and calculate the macros for you.

Why have you called it Kinda Keto?

Because I’m not a nutter (no offense to the keto police out there). I follow hitting fewer than 20g of carbs in one day, but I might do a few def-not-keto things along the way, like include onion in every dish or spend my last 8g of carbs on a bowl of bran flakes.

Btw, hitting 20g of carbs may not happen in your first few weeks, because it’s fuckin’ hard until you’re in the swing of it. I’ll cover that in a post about getting started. For now, get one thing in your head:

Progress, not perfection.

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