Recipe: Chicken Carbonara

I apologise in advance to any and all Italians for butchering this recipe! I promise it’s delicious. Goes great with Recipe: Creamy Zoodles for a total of 12.6g of carbs, or 9.6 net carbs, leaving you plenty of room for lunch and a carb-light breakfast, such as scrambled egg with chorizo (2 medium eggs andContinue reading “Recipe: Chicken Carbonara”

Getting Started

So, you’ve decided to try it. What do you need to get started? Nothing fancy, but you can prepare yourself for managing a change in your routines and habits by having the tools to do so. I would recommend: Weighing scales and/or measuring tape A decent health app that will count your steps/provide macro andContinue reading “Getting Started”

Recipe: Creamy Zoodles

Most will boil their zoodles, but I like to take a different approach and seize my moment to get a bit more nutritious content into a meal. Ingredients 6 courgettes (zucchini) 3 tbsp cream cheese 1/2 tbsp salt 1/2 tbsp pepper 1 garlic clove 1 shallot 3 mushrooms 6 asparagus spears Serves 8 portions MethodContinue reading “Recipe: Creamy Zoodles”

Recipe: Swedish Meatballs

Ingredients 500g beef mince [ground beef] (preferably 10% fat or higher)3 cloves garlic1 onion2-4 tbsp dried parsley (go crazy, won’t cost you any carbs or calories)1 tsp Worcestershire sauce2 medium eggs1 tbsp salt1 tbsp pepper2 tsp garlic powder500ml pouring cream1 beef stock cube/pot (do not add water) Serves 8 portions Method Prepare a bowl, aContinue reading “Recipe: Swedish Meatballs”

What is Keto?

Starting keto can be really overwhelming, not least because there’s conflicting advice all over the internet and in every Facebook group you’ll join. You can’t eat carrots. No, you can eat carrots! Keto is under 50g of carbs. No, it’s under 20g! You know what, decreasing your carb intake is going to get you closerContinue reading “What is Keto?”

Me & Kinda Keto

Not a fan of writing about me, but it might help to know the journey I’m on, and why I’m here. I’ve been overweight ever since I stopped having such a physically demanding lifestyle, but carried on eating like I still mucked out and hefted hay bales all day. I’m also an emotional eater, andContinue reading “Me & Kinda Keto”